My name is Grant McDuling and I have been an amateur radio operator since February 2003. When I was first licenced I held the call sign VK4TGM; this was later changed to VK4JAZ when I upgraded on passing my CW exam.

I like building kits and enjoy working qrp whenever possible. My details can be found on qrz.com

Thanks for viewing my blog.


6 thoughts on “About

  1. Grant,

    Thanks for visiting my blog. That old hand-key you posted looks interesting.

    I have a WW II surplus key that I seldom use on the air, but it is nice to have for demonstrating CW to kids.

    I like your blog, and will be visiting again from time to time.

  2. Hello Grant,
    Sorry to leave you in the middle of that QSO on DMR, but my local repeater got tied up with some North America traffic…I think… I’m still figuring out this DMR stuff, hopefully I can listen in on the WW Tech Net tonight. Looked up your call and found your website, good stuff!

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