VK5JST Antenna Analyser build: Populating the PCB

Once the enclosure had been sorted, it was time to start up the soldering station and melt solder. First I soldered the connector printed circuit board to the mainboard. The important thing here was to make sure the boards were 90 degrees to each other. Next I began mounting all the small components, making sure to double check each resister and capacitor; the resisters are small and the coloured bands not easy to read. The N connector was bolted into place and a short piece of wire soldered to its centre pin.

I always use a fume extractor when soldering.

The tuning switch was mounted on the component side of the PCB and then the inductors were inserted and soldered into place, making sure not to use too much heat or soldering them all into place in one go as this would damage the switch.

A wire was soldered from the switch’s common terminal to the PCB.

The next job was to solder all 16 wires from the PCB to the LCD.

This took time and patience.

Everything in place and ready to be fitted into the enclosure.

All that was left to do was to complete wiring up the various switches and battery compartment. Then, once the eight AA cells were in place, it would be time to run some initial tests.

Looking good and ready for testing.

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