Building the VK5JST Antenna Analyser

I have long needed a good antenna analyser so that I can tune my existing antennas and build better new ones. Trouble is, they can be very expensive.
All that has changed, now that there is a new kit on the market.
The new analyser covers the HF bands as well as 6m – perfect for my SOTA and WWFF needs.
I ordered mine from their website,, and it arrived well packed.

The quality of kit is excellent and came well packaged.

The instructions call for the mechanical build to be tackled first; attending to the enclosure by drilling all the necessary holes and cutting out the hole for the LCD. Suggestions are provided, which I found very useful.

The main PCB is used as a template for positioning and drilling the mounting holes into the lid of the enclosure.

Cutting out the hole for the LCD screen is probably the most tricky part; I used a coping saw and although it took time, I was able to achieve a very satisfying result.

Getting the measurements right was important.

Once I had finished with the drilling and sawing, I cleaned up the mess and took a rest. The result was more than acceptable, I think.

The completed front panel.

The final job to be tackled was to cut the opening for the N-connector and tuning capacitor knob. The instructions suggested using the course wheel of a bench grinder. My initial feeling was that this would be rather ‘drastic’, but it turned out to be a piece of cake.

The bench grinder sliced through the plastic like a knife through butter.

All that was left for me to do was to complete the job using a fine file.


2 thoughts on “Building the VK5JST Antenna Analyser

  1. Thanks Grant

    Just getting back into radio after a few years of quiet.

    I’ve invested in an FT-450D rather than get my current rigs repaired. Sadly, both died at around the same time so I’ve had no on-air capacity for a while

    Looking forward to hitting the airwaves again

    Tim VK4YEH

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