Denmark Hill Conservation Reserve VKFF-1529

Saturday 8 April was the day chosen to head out to Ipswich and activate Denmark Hill Conservation Reserve VKFF-1529. I chose this park as it happens to be around 30km from my QTH as well as the fact that it hadn’t been activated before. This would be sure to arouse the interest of hunters.

On arrival, I was amazed to discover that the club house of the Ipswich and District Radio Club borders the Reserve. They were holding a meeting when I walked past in headed into the think bush.

It wasn’t long before I came across a picnic bench which would make an ideal operating position. So I assembled my gear and prepared to put out my first CQ. That’s when the giant mozzies began their attack. I knew then that I should have packed in some insect repellent. I added it to my check list for next time.


The rig I was using was my trusty FT-817 with an LDG auto tuner and end fed long wire antenna that was supported by a squid pole. I mounted the pole to the support for a dust bin that was conveniently situated nearby.


I usually operate CW but decided to stick to 40m and 20m SSB this time: what a difference it made. In the short space of half an hour I had made 11 good contacts. With CW I’d be pleased to have made 4 in that time.


Delighted with my results, and reeling under the concerted efforts of the mosquitoes, I packed up and headed for the car. Along the way I came across the site of some dinosaur footprints. There was a well presented display that explained the history of the site and its rich fossil field.


This was a most enjoyable activation, especially as the weather was good; we have had plenty of flooding and chaos thanks to Cyclone Debbie.




8 thoughts on “Denmark Hill Conservation Reserve VKFF-1529

  1. Hi Grant,

    Sorry I did not make a contact with you on the day, but Rob decided she wanted to go shopping, so!!! Anyway it looks like you had a successful sorray on the hill. I was not aware of the dinosaur prints so close to our home, so to speak. One day I will have to venture forth and have a look myself. Just a hint, you need a proof reader Hi Hi. Catch you on the air sometime.

    Cheers 73

    wal vk4cbw

    • Hi Wal, Perhaps next time you should join me. You’d love operating in the field, I think. I do plan on another foray there one day.
      And yes, I was rushing to get this out. Will allow more time for my next post.

  2. Buy a box of dryer sheets and pack that in a plastic bag with your field kit. A fresh dryer sheet repels insects by blinding them to the CO2 in your breath I think. One sheet works several hours. DO NOT use old sheets that the wife has already used, you need new, fresh sheets. As far as I can tell, all brands work the same, so cheap ones are OK. Just tuck a sheet in a pocket on your shirt, or the band of your hat, leaving at least half of the sheet sticking out.

    Our school district puts two fresh sheets in each school bus that stops at one school where we have a problem with stinging insects. They come in and turn around and leave the bus—they hate the odor.

    Roy AC9DN

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  4. Hi Grant

    Amazing that this pork had not been activated and was then activated twice that day! I was at the club meeting and after it wound up set up my HF gear and got stuck in. around noon. Small world my friend. Please feel free to stop in at the club house if you’re in the area when we are there, you’d be most welcome.


    Mark VK4SMA

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