SOTA Activation of Mt Mundoonen

Saturday 13 February 2016 dawned hot, with clear skies; a great day to head for the hills and activate another summit.

Tony, VK1VIC , collected me from outside my apartment in Canberra at 9am sharp. It was only a 35 minute drive into New South Wales and up Mt Mundoonen (VK2/ST-053). This time I was going to rely on my Elecraft KX1 at 1W and my Buddistick vertical antenna. Tony would be using his new Elecraft KX3 (the big brother to the KX1) and a trap dipole antenna supported by a squid pole.

Mt Mundoonen (1).JPG

Tony VK1VIC at his operating position

Tony is still getting used to using CW and loved the chance of working some true “gentlemen” who gave him lots of encouragement. He has also recently acquired a Palm Paddle, which is an excellent piece of gear.

Mt Mundoonen (5)

Boy, was it hot up on this summit!

My operating position was far enough away from Tony so as to minimise interference as we would both be operating on the 40m band. The only nice and flat piece of ground I could find happened to be very close to a huge wire dipole that I believe is used for aircraft business.

Mt Mundoonen (4).JPG

I wish I had one like this at my QTH!

All in all, we had a very successful day. I added nine contacts to my log, including two Summit-to-Summit contacts with Andrew, VK1AD, who activated VK2/SW-034 and VK2/SW-027.


2 thoughts on “SOTA Activation of Mt Mundoonen

  1. Hi Grant thanks for the S2S contacts on 40m and 2m over a distance of 70 km between Mt Mundoonen and Mount Tumorrama, good work for two HTs. The antenna array is an aircraft navigation 500 watt Non-directional beacon ‘YAS’ on 335 kHz.

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