SOTA action: three 8-pointers in a day

Saturday 16th January 2016 was always going to be a BIG day for SOTA in VK1; Tony (VK1VIC), Adan (VK1FJAW, Andrew (VK1DA) and I (Grant VK4JAZ) set out bright and early for New South Wales, intent on activating three ‘bad boy’ summits.

First on our agenda was Webbs Ridge (VK2/ST-005), Dingi Dingi (VK2/ST-004) and Baldy Range (VK2/ST-008).

We were well equipped for the expedition. Transport was by four-wheel-drive as this, we knew, was serious four-wheel-drive country.


My set up was all rather standard, and chaotic. Rigs included my FT-817, Hendricks BLT ATU, 7ah battery and 5A solar panel, a CW Touchkeyer and a Boafeng GT-3TP Mk111 hand held. I had decided on using my Elecraft KX1 on Dingi Dingi.


The first summit we activated was Webbs Ridge, which saw all of us working many stations who were keen to add 8 points to their scores. We also worked many Summit-to-Summits.


Tony (left) and Adan in action.

Next up was Dingi Dingi, which was more challenging to get to; we had to make our way through dense bush and thick undergrowth for about 600m.


The going was interesting enough; we came across a few Wombat holes, which could be dangerous if you inadvertently stood in one. They weren’t easy to spot in the dense undergrowth.


The size of these Wombat holes is deceptive. These are large animals.

The trees, too, proved interesting.


We weren’t sure what this was on the trunk of this tree.

By the time we arrived at Baldy Range, it was well into the afternoon and chasers were decidedly more difficult to work. However, we all were able to activate this summit by making the required number of contacts.

All that was left was for us to pack up our gear and head for home.


From left, Tony (VK1VIC), Andrew (VK1DA) and Grant (VK4JAZ)


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