Mt Majura; another VK1 activation

On Thursday 9 December Andrew (VK1AD) and I set out after work to activate Mt Majura (VK1/AC-034). Being only some 5.9km from my apartment, this summit was a comfortable evening expedition, thanks to daylight saving time.

Don’t be misled by the one point this summit is worth. Although it is only some 890m high, when you climb it is sure feels ten times that.


That’s where we were heading.


It always amazes me what you come across when you get out of the shack and into the great outdoors. Andrew heard this scuffling sound in the grass and spotted a Shingleback Lizard, also know as a Stumpy-tailed Lizard.


When the lizard is threatened, it turns towards the threat, opens its mouth wide and sticks out its blue tongue, which contrasts with the bright pink mouth. 

Once we arrived on the summit, we wasted no time setting up and getting on air. It would only be an hour or so before we needed to head back down as we didn’t want to be on the mountain in the dark.


As always, I erected my Buddistick antenna and connected up my Elecraft KX1 transceiver. Power output was 1W

Andrew was concentrating on the 10m and 6m bands that are part of the SOTA challenge.


Andrew set up his station near the trig beacon

I was more than happy with the ten CW contacts I made on 20m and 40m.

On the way down we came across some of the locals, who seemed interested in what we were doing there.




3 thoughts on “Mt Majura; another VK1 activation

  1. Thanks Grant, a nice expedition. Yes some of those hills are deceptive – look Ok but far from it once you make the decision to tackle them.
    Tks also for the photo of the Stumpy! I remember them well from Adelaide in my early teens, but had not seen one for ages.

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