Review of the Elecraft KXPD1 Plug-in Keyer Paddle

I have now had a chance to actually use my new KXPD1 paddle and must say, I was pleasantly surprised. It works remarkably well.

Picture courtesy of Elecraft.

Picture courtesy of Elecraft.

I was operating from a chair in my back yard. I had my KX1 on my lap, resting on a pile of note paper, that’s all. No table to lean on, nothing but me and a chair. Perfect portable operations.

I found I needed to set my software in the rig to Iambic B and the CW speed to 14. Once that was done, operating was effortless.

Another advantage I found in operating with this setup was that I was able to practice receiving without writing down what I copied. This is a fantastic skill to master. I must confess I wasn’t able to sustain it though; it is very tiring mentally. But I will continue to develop this ability as it does allow you to travel and operate even more frugally. If I can dispense with the need for something like a table, operating portable will be so much more enjoyable.

Back to the paddle.

The spacings as built are fine, in my opinion. I found no need to reduce the gap on the paddles at all. The rubber grips are perfect and give the levers a nice feel. My fingers didn’t tend to slip or slide off during long periods of sending, which is great. They gave me a sense of confidence that I haven’t felt until now.

So overall, I am very satisfied with the paddles. They make a nice addition to the KX1.


One thought on “Review of the Elecraft KXPD1 Plug-in Keyer Paddle

  1. That’s great to hear Grant. I have never tried the Elecraft paddles. but it is a great feeling when you discover that you don’t have to copy everything down on paper. This gives you the freedom of not having to have a flat surface to work from. I stopped writing things down about 8 years ago. But I am intrigued that you can operate the paddle whilst having the radio on your lap. Maybe you have one hand holding the radio (and therefore holding the paddle steady) whilst you send the code. I have never tried that as the first thing I look for when operating /P is a flat surface to put my paddle on. I guess you are now on the air (using CW) a lot more often that you have been in the past. Keep it up Grant and we shall have another QSO soon
    Ian ZL2AIM

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