Building Elecraft’s KXPD1 plug-in keyer paddle

Part of my Elecraft KX1 upgrade program involved adding the KXPD1 plug-in keyer paddle to the rig. I decided to do this as I like the idea of having one less component to worry about, especially when operating portable. And with the annual John Moyle Field Day only a week away, now is the time to get organised.

I placed my order for the kit over the phone and it arrived in Australia in less than a week.

The kit came well packed and with good instructions. Typical Elecraft.

This was a rather simple kit to put together, being more mechanical in nature than electronic. I only had to use the soldering iron once to solder the wires to the 3.5mm stereo plug. This was also the most tricky part as you need to ensure that there are no short circuits. The space in the aluminium bracket where the soldering takes place is small and cramped.

When all was together, it was time to run some tests. I plugged the keyer into the rig and turned it on. I immediately heard a series of dits and dahs in the headphones, indicating that something was wrong.

I read through the instruction manual and found this case covered: there was a short between one of the plug wires and the bracket. But I knew this not to be the case as I had checked with my DMM beforehand and all was okay. So I read on and found the next test was to remove a rubber grip and see if that stops the noise. It did. So now I knew I had a build up of solder or something between the lever and contact wire.
I pulled the lever apart and inspected it closely. There was a small bit of flux on the lever. That responded well to my finger nail and fell off. So I put it all back together again, slipped on the rubber grip and plugged it into the rig. I held my breath as I turned on the power and heard … nothing. Phew, all good.

Now all I need to do is try out the keyer paddle next time I fire up the rig for the QRP net.

My new KXPD1 keyer paddle all ready to go.

My new KXPD1 keyer paddle all ready to go.


One thought on “Building Elecraft’s KXPD1 plug-in keyer paddle

  1. I had this paddle and was not really thrilled with it and ended up selling it and going with the palm paddle. I was able to attach it to the side of the KX1 so it was not an add on but part of the radio. If your interested you can see how it was done on my blog.
    Mike……..oh and the KX1 is a great build and a very nice rig for portable op’s.

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