MFJ-564B Iambic Paddle

Despite all the negative publicity MFJ seems to attract, I have found their iambic paddle to be first class.

I bought mine on a whim from a dealer in Hong Kong only because it was all they had at the time for the price. When I took it out of the box all the settings were loose. It took me ages to set it to my liking but once set, I haven’t had to touch it at all.

The paddles appear to be a copy of the Bencher paddle.

MFJ-564B Iambic Paddle

MFJ-564B Iambic Paddle

So how is this paddle to use? I find it wonderful. The action is nice and smooth and it never produces unwanted dits or dahs. I have no complaints.


2 thoughts on “MFJ-564B Iambic Paddle

  1. I suppose you get used to a paddle and it takes a while for the brain to accept something with a different feel.
    I have had two Benchers but never liked their action. That is probably because my first paddle was a Vibroplex, and that is what I still use. I had a go with the touch paddles but they were just not for me at speeds above 22 wpm as I got that annoying extra dit. For a lightweight paddle for /P work, little can beat the Palm Mini Paddle. Great feel and I can change from the Vibroplex to the Palm without any mental adjustment.
    Regarding MFJ, they have some good equipment and some “not so good” equipment!
    I wonder if you have ever tried the Christchurch made paddle called the Galbraith? I had two and sent one off to ZS1TTZ in Cape Town who likes it’s movement. ZS1TTZ was a radio officer on Safmarine and he is an excellent operator. It needs to be mounted on a rock steady base to get the best out of it.
    Great to read all about your naval adventures on Facebook!
    Ian ZL2AIM

    • Hi Ian, yes, trying different paddles or keys can be a bit of a challenge, but I think that’s part of the fun. I truly was surprised by the MFJ paddle. I think the next paddle I may order is the CT-599MX from the Ukrane. I hear good reports, and the price is right.

      I see Palm Paddles have a new, smaller, offering from portable QRP work. It’s called the Pico Paddle. Have you checked it out yet? Their paddles do look good but I feel they are a bit pricey. What do you think of their price?

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