First outing for my Elecraft KX1

Saturday 16 March was an excellent opportunity for me to give my new Elecraft KX1 its baptism of fire. The occasion was the John Moyle Field Day, so I packed up my gear and headed for a nearby park.
I decided to use a long wire and counterpoise for an antenna, which I would tune up with my BLT tuner. I haven’t build and installed the automatic tuner yet; that is my next project.
I attached a heavy nut onto the end of a long piece of string, tied it to the end of the long wire, and threw it up across the branch of a tall gum tree. It went up first time. Talk about beginner’s luck!
I had decided to also give my newly-built touchkeyer a run. I only operated for an hour and made three good contacts. I was more than pleased.

The KX1, BLT tuner and P3K touchkeyer in place and ready for action.

The KX1, BLT tuner and P3K touchkeyer in place and ready for action.


6 thoughts on “First outing for my Elecraft KX1

  1. Yes Grant – the joys of building your own rig (especially those of us who can best build with kits) and then taking it out /P and making a contact. One contact is good, but anything more is just great bonus. Your home built KX1, your touch keyer and BLT tuner. Great combination. I also use a long wire (in inverted L formation) and counterpoise when operating /P and QRP. I have found it the best, quickest to erect and most efficient antenna for multiband operation. Now, I must work you with your new set up….. Ian ZL2AIM

  2. The KX1 is a great rig I had one (just sold it last year) with the tuner in it. The tuner worked very well and I wanted to keep the rig and accesories down so the internal tuner was one less thing for me to carry and setup. The key I found that worked great with the KX1 was the mini Palm paddle.

    • Yes, I have hungered after a Mini Palm Paddle too, Mike. They do look great. I have just received a Whiterook Mk 44, which also looks like a great QRP paddle. I just need to make up a lead for it, then I’ll try it out. Don’t know why ElectronicsUSA won’t post them to countries outside the US and Canada as it looks like a great paddle. I had to have mine delivered by a visitor.

  3. Hi Grant,
    I take you were using your KX1? It was doing very well, I just had quite a bit of local QRM very close to our frq. Nice QSO, hope next time without QRM Grant.
    Cheers from NZ,
    Riku, ZL1KLP

    • The KX1 is a fantastic rig, Riku. I use a touchkeyer model P3K with it. It’s also a kit and does a fine job too. Just received a Whiterook Paddle but haven’t tried it with the KX1 yet.

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