Simple Ham Radio Antennas–an easy to build 2 Meter Ground Plane Antenna, post #265

Want to get a little more distance out of your trusty 2m hand held and its rubber ducky antenna? Here is one way that’s easy to achieve.

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Most of the standard “ducky” antennas that come as standard equipment on HTs leave much to be desired.  How would you like to build a simple 2 meter ground plane antenna that will give you good local coverage  and will serve as an easily storable antenna for portable or emegency use?

The antenna can be made from parts obtainable from your nearest hardware store or home improvement outlet.  The antenna is fairly small, so it doesn’t take up much space–perfect for a day at the park or as an inconspicuous antenna mounted on a porch railing.  Although the 2 meter ground plane has little or no gain, it makes an excellent antenna that can be mounted almost anywhere.  With a little planning, this antenna can be used mobile on a short mast from your vehicle’s bumper.  If you plan to use the ground plane…

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