WSJT on a Mac – at last

Since deciding to use my iMac as my main computer, I have been struggling to find decent software for radio use. Not much exists compared to Windows software.

While chatting to 6m users on VK Logger the other day, mention was made of WSJT. I decided to have a look around to see if anyone had produced a Mac version and sure enough, someone has. That someone is Keith Laaks, ZS6TW. I read his blog ( and decided to give his program a go.

It worked first time. Trouble was, this program isn’t as intuitive as most others are. Of course, that’s got nothing to do with Keith’s fine work; he just wrote the code for Macs.

Anyway, after playing around with the settings, I was delighted to see the first few decodes on my screen. I had made my very first ever JT65A QSO on my iMac.

A screenshot of WSJT running on my iMac.

As you can see, I had just made contact with JN1BYI, VK6CR and VK4AMG. Very satisfying indeed.

My setup is a Yeasu FT-450 running 20W, a SignaLink USB interface and an iMac with 3.06 GHz Intel Core Duo, 4 GB 1067 MHz RAM and running OS X 10.8.2 Mountain Lion.


3 thoughts on “WSJT on a Mac – at last

  1. Thanks Grant

    I’ve used macs for decades now but have resorted to PC’s for most ham radio work as I have found like you, that the range of mac-ham software is limited.

    Well done with your adventures! I’ll start to use my mac a bit more for radio stuff I think


  2. Thanks Grant
    Always wanted to run digital modes from my Mac and after reading your comments went and installed ZS6TW’s dmg. Works well for me made lots of FSK441 contacts going to start trying JT65 soon with the hope of getting some contacts off the moon.
    One thing I had problems with was saving the setting but found a way around this by editing the wsjt.ini file located in the wsjt2473 folder at the top level of the user account. Its just a txt file and is pretty easy to see what needs to be changed. Just be a bit careful changing the PTT Port: info. Im using a SignaLink via USB and the port info needs to be blank but if you leave it blank in the ini file the following data fields gets moved around when starting WSJT again. I’ve tried everything I can think of but haven’t found a fix for this one yet. So I still have to go into Setup and remove the data in the ptt port field before use wsjt but thats a lot less hassle than adding all the other data as well.


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