Gearing up for the next 6m opening

Until now, I have relied on a Cushcraft Ringo 6m vertical antenna but being horizontally polarised, I have been missing out on the best of the 6m openings. So I decided it was time to do something about it.

I needed a beam.

The first thing I needed was a rotator, and here Wallace, VK4CBW came to the rescue. He had a new Kopek AR-1002 light duty rotator that was surplus to requirements. Next I needed a lightweight beam. I decided to start off a little modestly and bought a Diamond A502HB 50Mhz Yagi from Strictly Ham. The instructions were all in Japanese so I had to download an English version from the internet.

The beam went together without a hitch. I checked the SWR with the use of Wallace’s antenna analyser; all was good to go.

The beam on a temporary mount for SWR checking.

I mounted the rotator and beam on the end of a J-pole type antenna mast that I screwed into the eaves of the roof outside the shack window. A good length of RG213 coax completed the installation. A quick on-air check with VK4CBW and Allan VK4WR proved all is in order. Now to wait for the band to open.

The 6m Yagi mounted on the roof.


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