Problems with WSPR

Ever since I began using Linux (Mint 11) as an operating system, I have had problems with WSPR. Basically, I the GUI works fine and I am able to transmit and be spotted. I can also spot other stations.

My difficulty is in reporting the spots I make. I have the ‘upload spots’ box ticked, yet nothing appears on the spot database, even though the stations that spot me appear there.

This is my GUI showing some of my spots, but only one appears in the Band Map on the right. Curious.

Everything appears to be functioning correctly, except that only one spot appears in red on the band map. What can be the matter with the other two?

Turning now to the Spot Database web page, this is what it looked like for the same period of operation above.

I am being spotted nicely, but none of my spots make it onto the database.

The other thing I should point out: I was being mentioned on the Activity page of WSPRnet. So that automatic listing (when I was operating) was certainly being uploaded to the database.

Why aren’t my spots being uploaded?


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