Measuring the performance of my 2m/70cm vertical antenna

For VHF/UHF communications I use my trusty Yaesu FT-7800 rig, which I have mounted to the bench in the shack. Up on the roof I have a DX-60 vertical 2m/70cm antenna that is fed with a length of RG-213 coax. And it seems to work well.

I have just bought myself a nice little SWR/Power meter, a Nissei RS-40 with which I can see what is going on regarding my signals on UHF/VHF. Until now I have been operating ‘blind’.

The Nissei RS-40 is robust and makes a nice addition to my bench.

I decided to measure the SWR on a few frequencies on both bands to get a better idea of how my antenna is doing. This is what I found:

146.400 1.5:1

146.300 1.5:1


145.650 1.5:1

439.000 1.3:1

433.200 6.0:1

438.425 6.0:1

439.300 6.0:1

Imagine then my surprise. Seems the dual bander is really a mono bander! From now on I will restrict my operations to 2m using this antenna and will put up a rotator and 2 element beam for 70cm, thanks to Wallace, VK4CBW who gave me the goods.

Watch this space.


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