Modifying the Ten Tec Regenerative Receiver

The 10K variable potentiometers that came with this kit were not of the greatest quality and soon produced a ‘scratchy’ sound. I decided there was only one thing for it: to replace them with better quality ones.

I raided my junk box and found that I just happened to have two 10K pots of far better quality, so it was out with the soldering iron once more. I ran jumper leads to the three prongs of each pot and soldered them into their respective holes on the PCB.

The replacement 10K pots in place.

The result was impressive. Now I have smooth movement of the tuning and regen knobs and they seem to produce better results as well. Now I can easily hear loads of stations, including Chinese stations at night.

I left the volume pot as is because I only had two. In addition, the PCB is held in place up against the front panel by the pots, so it was good to have the one still secured to the board for rigidity.


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