A new enclosure for my DC40A QRP rig

I have long wanted to find a new enclosure for my trusty 1W Hendricks DC40A CW rig and when I started experiencing intermittent problems with the stereo jack when using a straight key, I decided the time had come.

I would replace the PCB mounted jacks for the key and phones with panel mounted ones. This would also mean installing a panel mounted function switch as well as the on board one would no longer be accessible without opening up the new enclosure. This switch is useful when needing to change keying speeds.

I started the job by removing the PBC from the chocolate tin I had it in and soldering jumper leads to the connection points for the two jacks and the switch.

The jumper leads soldered in place.

The next job was to prepare the new enclosure by drilling holes for the various knobs, jacks and mounting points.

The PCB fits in nicely.

It was then a simple matter to make all the connections and solder them to ensure good connections.

All the wires in place.

Once the rubber feet were in place and the cover screwed on, it was time for a test run. I put out a call and was immediately answered by Drew, VK3XU at a distance of some 1,341km which is not bad for a 1W signal.

The DC40A and KK1 key.

All I now need to do is to produce some labels for the panels.


One thought on “A new enclosure for my DC40A QRP rig

  1. Very nice project and the enclosure sure will keep the Hendricks in good shape for years to come. As for 1 watt I have made contacts using my attic dipole of over 4,000 miles and more.

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