Repairing an ATTEN variable DC power supply unit

I know I usually look for the slightest reason to open something up, and this may be why I am an avid homebrewer, but the digital readout of my ATTEN APS 1502D variable power supply needed to be put right. Not that it wasn´t working, mind you; itś just that the protective glass wasn´t sitting correctly in its housing.

To get to it, I needed to open up the enclosure.

This is what the inside of the unit looks like.

Once I had removed the PCB from the front panel, I was able to firmly press the glass back into position, remembering to clean it with a soft cloth and glass cleaner. While I had the power supply in pieces, I took the opportunity to have a good look at its insides.

The PCB with components.

Once the unit had been screwed back together again, it was just a case of placing it back on the bench in the shack ready for QRP work.


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