Enclosure complete

Today was the fun part. I completed sorting out the enclosure. This involved cutting out and placing the decals in the correct places, then when that had dried, spraying it with a few coats of clear varnish. I used automotive-quality varnish that is designed for metallic paint.

I found cutting out the decals and soaking the in water (warm with a touch of household detergent) to be tricky. Fortunately the kit came with two sets of decals because I destroyed quite a few.

Once the decals had been placed where they should be and allowed to dry overnight, it was time to spray the varnish on to protect them. That went without incident. I am pleased with the results, although I am tempted to attack it with cutting and polishing compound as you would a newly sprayed car to obtain a really smooth finish. But I think Iĺl resist for fear of messing things up. So what do you think of my job?

Placing the cut out decals in place to check that they fit prior to soaking them in water.

The complete enclosure after spraying with clear varnish.


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