Group 2 build

Populating the PCB with components for the receiver section was relatively straight forward and proceeded without a hitch. This stage involved winding two torroids, and to do this, I decided to make a neat little device to help when it came to stripping the ends of the fine enamelled wire ready for soldering in place on the board. I came across this tip on Doug Hendrickś site. Basically it involves taking the tip of an old soldering iron, turning it upside down and drilling a deep hole down its centre. Then, when the iron is hot, you melt some solder in it, dip the end of the wire in and hey presto, a beautifully stripped and tinned end ready for soldering in place.

My soldering iron in place for tinning the ends of the torroidś wires.

I used my vice to hold this arrangement steady. Worked remarkably well.

Tinning the ends of the delicate wire.

Once that was done and all components successfully installed, it was time for the dreaded smoke test. This time, all went according to plan.

Carrying out the group 2 test.

Now for the calibration.


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