Building a PFR-3 QRP radio

Well, I am melting solder again and adding to my qrp functionality. This time I am building a lovely CW rig from the Doug Hendricks stable ( Designed by Steve Webber, the PFR-3 is a multi-band 5W portable rig that operates on the 20, 30 and 40m bands. It comes complete with a built-in ATU, its own power supply and a digital readout so you know what frequency you are operating on.

I decided to build another little piece of gear to add to this rig. Itś the battery status indicator that is also marketed by Doug Hendricks.

The completed BSI ready to be installed.

This is a great piece of kit that can be mounted inside the PFR-3ś enclosure. By pushing a button, the colour of the LED lets you know the status of the rigś power supply. I have just completed building the BSI and had it aligned by Ray VK4ZW, who has a variable power supply which is necessary to carry out the calibration.

This is what the BSI looks like mounted in the enclosure.

The BSI in place.

I have just completed building Phase 1 of the rig and am waiting for a replacement component (U7) to arrive from Doug Hendricks. Testing revealed this component to be either faulty or not programmed. It is a  microchip ATMEGA48 and itś function is to control the digits of the LED display.


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